Alert - Water Contamination!

The untreated sewage discharge into the Assabet River in Maynard that we reported on July 20 has ceased. MassDEP conducted a site inspection Monday morning (July 25) with the property owner, their representatives, and representatives from the Maynard Conservation Commission and Sewer Department to confirm.

You are our eyes and ears—let OARS know if you see pollution, fish kills, or trash!

Assabet, Sudbury and Concord Rivers in Critical Drought

August 9, 2022: Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Bethany Card declared that the Level 3 - Critical Drought has expanded from our region to include the Connecticut River Valley, Central, Northeast and Southeast Regions, a Level 2 – Significant Drought in the Cape Cod Region, and a Level 1 – Mild Drought in the Western and Islands Regions.

Everybody, please conserve water. We are all in this together! Download Mass Drought Flyer - Water Conservation Tips.

YOU can control Water Chestnut!

Invasive water chestnut is a fast-growing annual and if left unattended will easily cover an entire waterbody. YOU can prevent it from clogging our rivers – become a Weed Warrior.

Learn how to identify, remove, and report (using our new App) water chestnut infestations on our rivers. We recommend you watch our training video. Whether you prefer working alone or with a team, your help is needed.

River Recreation Maps

Enjoy our rivers this summer!

For exploration ideas, go to our online Assabet, Sudbury, and Concord River recreation maps! You will find river access points, walking trails, and bike paths.

When boating, you might find some obstructions or other passage problems on your planned trip. If you find new ones, please let us know when and where you found them and send a photo(s) to office@oars3rivers.org.

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