Bacteria and Health Safety

Is the river safe for boating or swimming? OARS is attempting to answer this with our E. coli bacteria monitoring program. Bacteria and other pathogens can enter the rivers from leaking sewers or septic systems, storm-water runoff, or wildlife or dog waste. The EPA has linked high levels of E. coli (an indicator bacteria) in swimming water to high rates of gastro-intestinal illness.

Annual River Cleanup - A wonderful weekend for our rivers!

From the Assabet and Sudbury headwaters in Westborough to the Concord River, more than 70 volunteers from across our watershed turned out for OARS' 35th Annual River Cleanup. A big thank you to our amazing volunteers and sponsors for making it a huge success!

Team Up Clean Up, the self-guided Cleanup, took place September 17-19, 2021 (and a little beyond) giving community members an opportunity to work in their own special places. Cleanup Day took place on September 18 and brought volunteers to sites that needed a larger group effort.

Despite high water, volunteers scoured the banks and trails and paddled our rivers removing trash in 11 communities. The haul included tires, mattresses, chairs, tables, scooters, shopping cart, washing machine tub, bike parts, a toilet, windows, computers, lots of bottles and countless small items.

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