Landscape Projects


Three "green landscaping" home improvement projects that will make your property greener and help protect the rivers.

Rain gardens
Rain barrels
Permeable pavers
Groundwater Recharge projects sponsored by Intel
Demonstration projects at the Discovery Museums, Acton: See water conservation projects in action. The Discovery Museums (in collaboration with OARS and the Acton Citizens for Environmental Safety) installed water barrels, porous pavers, and a rain garden.

A presentation by Geosyntec shows various ways you can reduce your stormwater "footprint" at home and in your communities using an LID landscape approach. The presentation is broken into parts for easier downloading:
• LID Landscaping 1 - Introduction
• LID Landscaping 2 - Rain Gardens
• LID Landscaping 3 - Bioretention Cells
• LID Landscaping 4 - Buffer Strips
• LID Landscaping 5 - Rain Barrels, Permeable Pavers, & Green Roofs