Assabet, Sudbury and Concord Rivers in Critical Drought

September 8, 2022: Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Bethany Card declared that Cape Cod, Connecticut River Valley, Northeast, and Central Regions of the Commonwealth are remaining at a Level 3-Critical Drought, and the Islands and Western Regions remaining at a Level 2-Significant Drought. The Southeast Region has been upgraded to Level 2 – Significant Drought from a Level 3-Critical Drought.

Everybody, please conserve water. We are all in this together! Download Mass Drought Flyer - Water Conservation Tips.

Residents and Business are strongly urged to
• Minimize overall water use.
• Stop all non-essential outdoor watering.

Whether you have municipal water or your own well, strictly conserve water now to protect local drinking water supplies, natural habitats, and ensure adequate water for firefighting and local farms. You may still water your vegetable garden.

We are seeing more drought as the changing climate brings a change in precipitation patterns.

These low flow conditions contribute to warmer water temperatures, lower dissolved oxygen, cyanobacteria blooms, invasive species growth, and even fish kills.

Tips on what you can do to conserve water.

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