Tiger Trout - Salmo trutta x Salvelinus fontinalis

Tiger Trout - Bill Byrne, MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

Habitat requirements and life history: The tiger trout is a sterile hybrid cross between a female brown trout and a male brook trout bearing unusual tiger-like markings found in neither parent. Tiger trout are very rare in the wild but they can occur in areas where book and brown trout both occur and share spawning grounds. Unfortunately, only about 35% of the young are able to develop because of a disease which is inherent in the sac fry. One example of the tiger trout was found in the Assabet River during the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife surveys. Tiger trout have been produced on a small scale in private hatcheries and stocked in various club waters, where they are considered a fine gamefish. (Source: Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited)

Bill Byrne, MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

Total length:
Pollution tolerance (US EPA):
Classification: Fluvial specialist

Number of fish found during the 2001/2002 MA Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Assabet Watershed Fish Survey.

Location No. of Fish
Assabet River 1
Total 1

DFW. 2001. Assabet Watershed Fish Survey. Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife), Westborough, MA.