Spottail Shiner - Notropis hudsonius

Spottail Shiner - Photo credit: Karsten Hartel

Habitat requirements and life history: The spottail shiner is a native fish that prefers clear headwater streams and small rivers in pools and runs with a sand or rock bottom. They feed on the larvae of aquatic and terrestrial insects, molluscs, small crustaceans, and even small fish. They spawn in the spring. There is no evidence of nest building. The spottail is often used as bait and is an important forage species for game fishes. (Sources: Freshwater Fishes of New York State: A Field Guide and Freshwater Fishes of the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware)

Total length: about 4 inches (a few > 5 inches)
Pollution tolerance (US EPA): Intermediate tolerance
Classification: Macrohabitat generalist

Number of fish found during 1954 & 2001 Fish Surveys*

Location No. of Fish 1954 No. of Fish 2001
Assabet River   11
Total 0 11

*Data sources:
DFW. 2001. Assabet Watershed Fish Survey. Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife), Westborough, MA.

Schlotterbeck, L.C. and W.A. Tompkins. 1954. "A Fisheries Investigation of the Merrimack and Ipswich River Drainages." Bureau of Wildlife Research and Management, Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Westborough, MA.