Blacknose Dace - Rhinichthys atratulus

Blacknose Dace Photo credit: Karsten Hartel

Life history and habitat requirements: This native minnow prefers small headwater streams with moderate to rapid water with a preference for swift water. The minnow predominates in riffles, but also in shade pools along cut banks with overhanging vegetation. The blacknose dace is most frequently captured over substrates of gravel, sand rubble and silt in clear and slightly turbid water. The minnows spawn over gravel. (Sources: Fishes of Wisconsin, A Distribution Atlas of Kentucky Fishes.)

Total length: usually less than 3 inches (Hartel reports one 4-inch fish)
Pollution tolerance (US EPA): Tolerant
Classification: Fluvial Specialist

Number of fish found during 1954 & 2001 Fish Surveys:*

Location No. of Fish 1954 No. of Fish 2001
Assabet River   74
Cold Harbor Brook   37
Great Brook   2
Hop Brook   50
Howard Brook 77  
North Brook   99
Total 77 262

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