Banded Sunfish - Enneacanthus obesus

Photo credit: Karsten Hartel

Life history and habitat requirements: The banded sunfish lives in calm, vegetated water of lakes, ponds and small rivers over a sand or mud bottom. They feed mostly on aquatic insect larvae, scuds, and other small crustaceans. The fish grow 2.0 to 3.8 inches in length and live up to four years. Spawning can occur from early spring into summer. The female lays eggs in a small, round nest built by the male. The nest may be used again for spawning once the earlier eggs have hatched.
(Source: Freshwater Fishes of the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware.)

Total Length: 2-3 inches (largest recorded in Massachusetts 4.25 inches)

Pollution tolerance (US EPA): unknown
Classification: Macrohabitat generalist

Number of fish found during 1954 & 2001 Fish Surveys:*

Location No. of Fish 1954 No. of Fish 2001
Assabet River 4 3
Danforth Brook 1 1
Hop Brook 1 1
Nagog Brook 1 1
Nashoba Brook 10  
Total 15 6

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