River Passage Obstructions

These alerts are from boaters who have contacted us about obstructions they have found along our three rivers. If you find a place where passage is obstructed, let us know when, where (gps is helpful) and email us a photo.

We hope this information will help you when you are planning your trip down the river. We remind you that you should always check river and weather conditions and that you are paddling at your own risk.

Assabet River, Thursday, June 18 2020
Put-in: Dino's, West Concord
Take-out: Lowell Road Boat Launch, Concord
USGS gage level: ~1.61 ft (42.7 cfs), well below normal for this time of year
Location: Google map

- The water level was quite low through West Concord. We scraped the bottom a number of times.
- There was one complete blockage from a downed tree requiring us to get out of our boats. The water was deep, perhaps 5-6 ft. We avoided going into the water: my son climbed up on the tree trunk and pulled his kayak across and I was able to get behind the large root ball in the kayak and get out on the muddy, narrow, sloped bank with the help of some sturdy roots to grab onto. It wasn't graceful but it worked :)

Full Blockage

Partial Blockage

Photos courtesy of Greg Little.