High Visibility Recharge Site: Junction Park Reconstruction, West Concord

Junction Park raingarden

This hardscaped park adjacent to the West Concord train station and a business district parking lot has been reconstructed to recharge all rainfall from the park and adjacent parking lot. Porous pavers are used for the foot and bicycle path and all runoff is being directed to a bioretention cell (raingarden) where it is naturally filtered and recharged into the ground. A large interpretive panel describes how the recharge system works.

The project was completed in 2012.

Method used: Stormwater from parking lot redirected to bioretention area (rain garden) for filtering and groundwater recharge; hard paving replaced with porous pavers on top of a crushed stone reservoir.

Sub-watershed: Nashoba Brook, a tributary to the Assabet River

Recharge estimate: 221,162 gallons per year (606 gallons per day average)

Intel grant: $95,000, for construction of stormwater recharge system

Town contribution: Design and engineering

Location: Adjacent to West Concord Commuter Rail Station, part of Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, West Concord

Contact: William Renault, Town Engineer, (978) 318-3210

“This project will increase base flow at the Assabet River while providing improved water quality over the existing condition. Currently the closed drainage systems . . . discharge collected surface water directly to the Assabet River at an outfall in Main Street.”
William Renault, Town Engineer