Urban Stormwater Recharge: Cherry Street, Hudson

Athletic field site

Stormwater from a major portion of Hudson's downtown area which is currently discharged directly into the Assabet River will be redirected to an underground recharge site abutting the river. Infiltration units will be installed under the exisiting recreation fields. The paved parking lot serving the fields will be replace with porous pavement. Some of the stormwater may be used to irrigate the athletic fields. This project will reduce polluted stormwater flows entering the river while enhancing clean groundwater contributions to the river's base flow. This project was completed in 2006.

Method used: Urban stormwater redirected to settling tanks, filtered, and used for groundwater recharge

Sub-watershed: Assabet River mainstem

Recharge estimate: 40 million gallons per year maximum, less water used for irrigation (approx. 5%)
(110,000 gal. per day average, less irrigation)

Intel grant: $476,000, for construction

Town contribution: 0

Location: Cherry Street athletic field, Hudson

Contact: Office of the Executive Assistant, Tel: 978-562-9963

“This project is important because it will clean storm water before it is introduced into the river.”
Paul Blazar, Hudson Executive Assistant