Runoff Recharge: Floral Street Elementary School, Shrewsbury

Drywell field behind school

All parking lot and rooftop runoff from the school site discharged directly to the wetland adjacent to the school, which in turn drained into Hop Brook, a tributary of the Assabet River. It was a standard piped drainage system, with catch basins and roof drains tied into drain manholes. The manholes were equipped with oil/water separators and sediment sumps to trap pollutants. The Project funded the retrofit of the existing drainage system by directing the treated roof and parking lot runoff to a series of 16 drywells located between the school building and Hop Brook. The project was completed in 2005.

Method used: Roof drainage redirected to dry wells

Sub-watershed: Hop Brook

Recharge estimate: 1.31 million gallons of water per year
(46,000 gal. per storm event)

Intel grant: $69,000, for construction

Town contribution: $8,000, value of design and engineering services

Location: 57 Floral Street, Shrewsbury

Contact: Jack Perreault, Town Engineer, Tel: 508-841-8502

“When reviewing projects with developers, the Town points to the Floral Street School project as an example of what the developers can do on their own projects to increase groundwater recharge and base flow to streams.”
Jack Perreault, Town Engineer Shrewsbury