Stormwater Management System: Bolton Public Library Expansion, Bolton

Bolton Library rain garden_w.jpg

A sub-surface infiltration bed was built to infiltrate all water from the library roof, and another bed built under the library parking lot to infiltrate runoff from the parking lot collected by deep sump catch basins and routed through oil grit separators. A rain garden was built to capture surface runoff. The project was completed in 2010.
Method used: Stormwater from roof and parking lot redirected to infiltration beds for groundwater recharge; raingarden used to intercept and infiltrate surface sheet flow.

Sub-watershed: Great Brook/Elizabeth Brook tributaries to the Assabet River

Recharge estimate: 584,000 gallons per year (1,600 gallons per day average)

Intel grant: $60,000, for construction of stormwater recharge system

Town contribution: Design and engineering

Location: Bolton Public Library, 738 Main St. (Route 117), Bolton

Contact:, (978) 779-2839