Runoff Recharge: DPW Office Building, Westborough

Construction of building and drainage

All parking lot and rooftop runoff from the new DPW office building will discharge to landscaped swales and infiltration units. The system has been equipped with Cultec oil/water separators and sediment sump catchbasins to trap pollutants from the parking lot. The project has a total of 22,500 sq. ft. of impervious surface. The Project funded the addition of the swales, filters and infiltration units located under the parking lot. The previously disturbed site had drained to a nearby wetland which is hydrologically connected to the Assabet River and its tributary Juniper Brook. The project was completed in 2006.

Method used: Roof drainage redirected to two infiltration units

Sub-watershed: Juniper Brook, Assabet River headwaters

Recharge estimate: 540,000 gallons of water per year
(15,000 gal. per storm event; daily average rate 1,500 gal.) plus infiltration through the grassed swale

Intel grant: $50,000 for materials and design

Town contribution: engineering and construction services

Location: 131 Oak Street, Westborough

Contact: Carl Balduf, Town Engineer, Tel: 508-366-3070