Five-step Process

The Report Card was developed in 5 Steps:

  1. What is the big picture? What aspects of the rivers do people value and what are the key threats?
  2. What do we measure? When selecting indicators, are there available data, or data gaps? Are the indicators relevant? Can they be measured throughout the ecosystem?
  3. What is healthy? Define the thresholds of ecosystem health. For example, what water temperature limits fish survival?
  4. How does it add up? Calculate indicator scores (0-100%); average the indicator scores to provide a grade for the ecosystem health for each river.
  5. What is the story? Communicate results: Who is the target audience? How do we engage local residents and get the attention of decision-makers? How can they have an impact or change behavior? Show historical trends. Clear and simple communication as part of community-based social marketing is key.