Discover Who Lives in Our Rivers

Ecology studies the relationships between plants and animals and their surroundings. A habitat is a plant's or animal's home. All together, plants, animals and their habitats are called the environment. Humans are part of the environment too!

Different animals often need very different habitats to live. What is your habitat like? Describe or draw your home? As you write or draw, think about how your habitat is different from the habitat of animals who live by the rivers. Where do you get your food from? Where do you sleep? Where do they sleep?

Let's play BINGO! As you explore the rivers, keep an eye out for the plants, animals. and insects pictured below. Mark each square with an X when you see it!

Get 4 in a row - you're a dragonfly!
Get all 4 corners - you're a painted turtle!
Get All of the squares - you're a great blue heron!

(Download a pdf, if you wish:Ecology bingo)

Don't forget to always just observe, or watch, wildlife! These aninals won't hurt you on purpose, but could nip or bite if they are scared. Being chased or handled makes them stressed (you would be too, if a giant picked you up!) and could hurt them.

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