Famous Authors Wrote About Our Rivers: Share Your Inspiration

In the mid 1800s many writers came to this area. Three well-known writers lived right in Concord. They all lived around the same time and were practically neighbors!

• Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote many novels and short stories inspired by New England, and commented on the beauty of the rivers.
• Henry David Thoreau wrote in his journals about his experiences on the river. His writing shows his great observation skills and his love for the natural world.
• Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote prose and poetry while staying in a house overlooking the rivers.

The Sudbury, Assabet and Concord Rivers inspired these writers thinking and we still quote them today.

A more lovely stream than this, for a mile above its junctions with the Concord, has never flowed on earth.Nathaniel Hawthorne, talking about the Assabet

The river, now that it is so clear and sunny, is better than any aquarioum. …It is an enchanter’s want, ready to surprise you with life.Henry David Thoreau

The rivers inspired Thoreau to dream and wonder and imagine things beyond his experience.

Pretend you are a modern day Thoreau and take a quiet walk along the river, stream, or a special place near your house.
What does the river make you dream and wonder about? Write your reflections, a story, poem, or haiku and email it to us at summerquestprogram@gmail.com.

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