OARS' Board of Directors


Board Officers
Allan Fierce, President, Stow
Ingeborg Hegemann, Vice-President, Stow
Paul Fitzgerald, Treasurer, Lincoln
Dick Lawrence, Clerk, Hudson

Board Members
Don Burn, Westborough
Jeff Collins, Concord
Kirk Doggett, Acton
Robert Donelan, Concord
Paul Goldman, Marlborough
Susan McArthur, Framingham
Pam Rockwell, Concord
Lisa Vernegaard, Maynard

OARS operates through committees which support and guide the work of the staff and report to the Board of Directors.

OARS members are welcome to join a working committee where they can make a contribution to OARS through ideas, work in the field or in the office, or make connections with people or events in their communities.

OARS periodically seeks new Board members. If you think you may be interested in serving, please contact the OARS office: email or call 978-369-3956.