OARS Committees

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Permanent Committees

Executive. Has all of the powers of the Board of Directors in the management, control and oversight of the activities and affairs of the organization in the intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors. Its members include the officers: President, Vice-President, Clerk, and Treasurer. Chaired by the President.
Finance. Oversees the financial accounting and preparation of the annual budget. Chaired by the Treasurer.
Governance & Nominating. Proposes policies and revisions to the bylaws to ensure the smooth functioning and accountability of the organization. Prepares a list of nominees to fill offices and positions on the Board of Directors for a vote by the members at the Annual Meeting.

Working Committees

Science & Policy. Assesses what science and advocacy work is needed to fulfill OARS’ mission and gives feedback on its progress. Advises Board on advocacy actions.
Development & Investment. Seeks and recommends strategies and actions to increase OARS’ membership and financial base.
Outreach, Education & Recreation. Brainstorms, recommends and reviews programming and materials to engage watershed communities in river stewardship and enjoyment. Recommends actions to ensure that OARS’ programs have a suitable educational component. Assists in organizing and running OARS events.