Water Quality Monitoring

Citizen Science helps make OARS strong!

OARS depends on volunteers to monitor the water quality in our rivers--that could be you! We directly use the results in restoring the health of our rivers. Training sessions are finished for 2017, but if you'd like to get involved contact sflint @ oars3rivers.org .

We sample on Sunday mornings (dates for 2017below). Sampling generally starts at 5:30 am and takes about three hours. You can sign up to help on all six Sundays or as few as three. Teams of 3 volunteers each sample one section of the rivers (4 - 6 sites):

  • Assabet River, Westborough to Marlborough
  • Assabet River, Berlin to Hudson
  • Assabet River, Acton to Concord
  • Sudbury River, Framingham to Concord
  • Concord River, Concord to Lowell

Sampling dates for 2017:
Sunday, May 21st (start 5:30am)
Sunday, June 18th (start 5:30am)
Sunday, July 16th (start 5:30am)
Sunday, August 20th (start 5:30am)
Sunday, September 17th (start 6:00am)
Sunday, November 12th (start 7:00am)