Action Alerts

Ask Your State Representatives to Co-Sponsor Budget Amendments for the Environment!

The Massachusetts House's State Budget for FY16 continues the chronic underfunding of our state's agencies - just 0.6% of the state budget. Ever deeper staff and program cuts result in loss of critical protection and permitting delays. Amendments to the House Committee on Ways & Means' budget would increase funding.

See below (or download table) for the list of Amendments critical to our watershed and who has co-sponsored them. If your State Representative has not yet co-sponsored an amendment, contact their office THIS WEEK (by Friday, April 23) with the amendment number and ask them to add their name as a co-sponsor. SuAsCo watershed Representatives and their contact information.

Water Quality Monitoring

Become a Citizen Scientist!

OARS depends on volunteers to monitor the water quality in our rivers--that could be you! We directly use the results in restoring the health of our rivers.
Volunteer to sample on the Sudbury, Assabet & Concord Rivers for the 2015 season!!

Training sessions are at the end of April and early May!

Volunteers wanted April 28 - 29: digging loosestrife!!

Volunteers wanted immediately to grow purple loosestrife and help raise loosestrife-eating beetles to help protect native species diversity in local wetlands.

Summer Job Opportunities

OARS is presently accepting applications for two summer internships in Environmental Education.

Summer Environmental Education Intern:
Environmental interns will assist in teaching hands-on, waterside workshops to children ages 6-10 years old. The Workshops will be offered in Westborough, Marlborough, Wayland/Sudbury, and Framingham.

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